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Hydro Power Solutions

Hydropower remains the continent’s primary renewable resource in Africa at over 38 GW of installed capacity, with 971 MW added in 2020. It accounts for over 70 per cent of the renewable electricity share and about 16 per cent of the total electricity share. Hydropower’s share of total electricity is predicted to increase to more than 23 per cent by 2040 following efforts to achieve universal access and a low carbon energy transition.

Impact of Hydro Power Plants

We cover all types of hydro power plants, from high or low head to storage or run-of-river.

Intratrek/Angelique partnership offers to set up hydropower projects on total turnkey basis for all heads and outputs up to 100 MW and even beyond, covering:

• Dams and reservoir

• Penstocks and gates

• Turbines – Kaplan, Francis and Pelton Wheel

• Electro mechanical equipment

• Hydro mechanical equipment

• Power evacuation and connection to grid


We focus on :

• Setting up of new hydro power plants

• Rehabilitation, modernisation of existing hydro power plants


We also set up small hydro projects under 5 MW with matching generators for small power needs.

Through it’s partnership with Angelique, Intratrek also ensures management of hydroelectric power projects to enhance optimum compatibility with environment and safety requirements.

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