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Transmission & Distribution

Intratrek Zimbabwe provides technical engineering solutions to regional, national and international electricity networks. We help deliver a reliable, safe supply of power to millions of homes and businesses not just in Zimbabwe but in the region


Our experience and expertise covers the whole electricity grid, including overhead lines, cable tunnels and distribution networks. Our teams offer a wide range of services, from scoping and feasibility to design, construction and on-going maintenance.

We provide flexible resources and innovations that power some of the world’s most ambitious transmission and distribution projects.

These systems can be standard equipment for location in an environmentally-controlled atmosphere or in a hazardous environment requiring explosions proof equipment. This equipment can range from any of the following product lines:

  • Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear

  • General Purpose Lighting and Distribution Panelboards Hazardous Location Lighting and Distribution Panelboards

  • Low and Medium Voltage Load Break Switch, Fused and Non-Fused Unitized SubstationsDC Rectifier/Substation Systems

  • Low Voltage Switchboards


We work with our customers in order to ensure that they are getting the products that they need, where they need them, when they need them. If you’re looking for a top of the line custom transformer solution, a standard electric transformer or a custom inductor solution, then look no further than Intratrek Zimbabwe.


Our transformers are built according to highest quality and industry standards using advanced technolo-gies for greater reliability and durability.

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